Monday, August 20, 2012

Giving Less - updated

The little guy had his birthday this past weekend, and I was really proud of our restraint when it came to gift-giving. As I suspected, having fewer gifts did nothing to diminish the special-ness of his day and it made me feel good to buy fewer, more meaningful gifts for him.

As mentioned before, we followed the Want Need Wear Read guideline for gift giving, and it served us well.  Here is what we came up with


I am quite sure this kid loves diggers more than air. He does have a ton of small construction trucks and equipment that he plays with frequently, but Jay came up with a really fun idea:


Clearly, he now needed somewhere to dig. So Jay came through with flying colours, building him a sandbox under the little deck attached to our pool. It was perfect - small, shaded, easily visible from the house.


In a classic lame-mom move, I bought him underwear. Whatever. He needed it.


Everyone loves Dr. Seuss and we love the message of this book, promoting citizenship and environmental responsibility.

Happy to report each present was a resounding success. Except for the underwear. Whatever.


  1. Where did you get that digger? My son is DYING for one like that!

  2. Jay got it online, I'll have to double check the site and get back to you. We love it and its always a hit when kids come over.